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About Us

The Magiqal Story

Magiqal Mellow Moms answers the call to Archive our shared experiences in the Green Goddess's Sacred space. 

Why is there a Q in Magiqal? Q is for the Question(s) we seek to answer as we challenge stigmas & provide safe-space to learn & grow. Q is for the Quest as we continue the journey along a collective path of self-mastery & growth while building Community. Shining our light into the shadows.

Like our Ancestors, we've learned how to fly. Soar. Clipped wings restored as the Green Goddess welcomes us home. Soothing all who beckon in the warmth of her earthly bosoms; offering brief respites from this worldly grind.

Share in a bit of her sacred magiq and light with enchanting apparel, decor, treats, & a curated collection of Curiosities infused with the bountiful blessings of the Green Goddess & all of her magiqal charms; or join us for an enchanted evening full of whimsy & wonder.

The Magiqal Mellow Moms,
Aunyx, Erika, & Zahirah